AudienceProject has partnered up with Innometrics enabling websites to personalize their websites based on data from AudienceProject. Innometrics is market leader in collecting onsite data for user profiling. With AudienceData you can take Innometrics’ Profile Cloud to the next level and personalize the user experience even on the first visit of your new customers.

The integration between Innometrics and AudienceProject’s AudienceData enables you to give your users better recommendations – even on their first visit to your websites. In real time of course!
This gives your unknown visitors the feeling of a custom visit from the very first click, which has shown to decrease website bounce rate and increase the conversion rate.

Make your customer feel special

Picture this: You’re an online kitchenware retailer. You have competition from a lot of other providers, who basically sell the same products as you do and from the same brands. How do you differentiate your shop from the others and ensure you get the customer’s business?
Relevant recommendations for the new visitor is a good way to go! But how do you give a completely new customer spot on recommendations, when they are, well… new? And therefore unknown?

What if your shop recommended a new visitor, i.e. a 27 year-old male, a beef patty presser and i.e. a 65 year-old woman, baking equipment?Don’t you think your visitor would like that? We certainly do. Anything to catch the potential customer’s attention and to make them feel special.

But recommendations are just one way to use AudienceData to encourage engagement. Making custom content, offerings and campaigns are other ways to do this. Targeting customers in different stages of the buying funnel is also a possibility.

We hope to see you at the webinar on December 3rd “Use AudienceProject data to personalise your website experience”.

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About Innometrics:

Innometrics was founded in 2009 and has offices in Stockholm, London, San Francisco and Mumbai. It’s the company behind Profile Cloud: A unique technology that gathers all customer data in one place thereby enabling you to build profiles. – To put it simply.

If you have a customer interacting with you on social media, who calls your call center, visits your website and receives your newsletter, from which you have some information about the customer that you’ve gathered in your CRM system that’s a lot of information to grasp, right? With Profile Cloud, all information is gathered in one interface that gives you the full overview and creates profiles for each customer based on all information and interactions from all your touchpoints. This happens every time your customer interacts with your company, through any channel, as soon as it happens.

Innometrics uses predictive data. They do this by combining trend data with details about a
customer’s past behaviour, which allows you to start identifying the likelihood of their next action. This is usually the prerequisite to make recommendations for the customer. With the integration with AudienceProject’s AudienceData product, you can do this with new customers, where you don’t have past behavior.