​​Did you miss our webinar about the new AudienceReport and the importance of cross-media audience measurement in today’s media industry? Don’t worry! We have gathered all the highlights for you – and if you want the full experience, you can watch the webinar recording at the end of this post. 

The vibrant, ever-evolving media landscape challenges marketers’ ability to allocate advertising budgets to where they are spent most effectively. New channels are continuously emerging, making our media consumption more fragmented than ever. This continuous evolution has increased the complexity of evaluating the overall performance of cross-media campaigns.

In this webinar, our CEO Henrik Lauritzen, presented the vision behind the new generation of our cross-media audience measurement platform, AudienceReport, helping marketers assess the performance of their media investments across different channels. Also, our Head of Customer Success Amalie Schjønning, gave a tour of the platform, introducing its core features and updates.

It’s exciting, not to mention revealing, to be working with such a pioneering company, engineering the omnichannel GRP.

Charlie CroweBusiness Advisor at Crowe Advisory

The good old fashion cookie approach is outdated

For more than a decade, the media industry has been led to believe that cookies are this omnipotent force capable of measuring everything that goes on about our digital campaigns. However, the truth is that different media channels and different platforms require a wide host of different solutions and methodologies to be measured and documented. And cookies are not that great to begin with.

This is why AudienceProject has designed a flexible platform to accommodate various methodologies, giving marketers a holistic view of their campaigns’ performance, including insights into their target audience reach and frequency across channels.

Our vision is to build and deliver the world’s best audience measurement platform, providing an always-on holistic campaign overview across media channels and platforms.

Henrik LauritzenCEO at AudienceProject

Why audience measurement is in everyone’s interest

It is imperative for advertisers and agencies to measure their cross-media campaigns to generate insights about the campaigns’ overall performance, even though some of those insights from time to time might show uncomfortable or inconvenient truths. We need to consider the matter of transparency from a more holistic perspective. Long term, it is in everyone’s best interest to have a transparent marketplace. Cross-media transparency results in improved return on ad spend, creating more value for advertisers. And more value for advertisers will inevitably result in greater ad spend allocation for digital media channels.

Say hello to the new AudienceReport

The new AudienceReport is our cross-media audience measurement platform that allows advertisers and agencies to continuously plan and optimise their campaigns to reach and engage audiences effectively across channels, formats, and devices and get the most value from their advertising spend. The new platform comes with three big improvements: a more sophisticated reporting dashboard, direct integrations to walled gardens and ad servers, and an improved user interface.

First of all, the new reporting dashboard provides advertisers and agencies with all relevant campaign results in one place, making it is easier to answer important questions like:

  • What is the net reach of my campaign?
  • How often did my target audience see my campaign?
  • Which channels are most effective at reaching my target audience?
  • How much incremental reach have the different channels generated?

Secondly, as a cherry on top, the new platform has direct integrations to both Meta and YouTube. As an official Meta Business Partner for Measurement and one of a few selected measurement companies integrated with Google’s Ads Data Hub, our platform automatically measures campaigns running on Meta’s technologies as well as YouTube. Additionally, the new AudienceReport has direct integrations to ad servers such as Adform and Display & Video 360, helping advertisers and agencies automatically measure campaigns created in these ad servers. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the platform still has direct integration to TechEdge, allowing clients to analyse the combined, individual and unique reach of their digital and linear TV campaigns.

  • Meta
  • YouTube
  • AdForm
  • Display & Video 360
  • TechEdge

Last but not least, the user experience of the platform has been vastly improved. The new AudienceReport is designed to be an easy-to-navigate platform, where marketers can see and understand their campaigns’ results at a glance, know where to optimise their advertising budget and get the most out of their investments. For instance, descriptions of what the different results represent and wizards helping the set-up of integrations have been added.

Examples of Dashboard metrics

Want to know about the new AudienceReport and the capabilities of the platform? Download our free white paper here.

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