“AudienceReport helps us validate if our campaigns reach the amount of people we want to reach and if they reach the intended target group.”

Coca-Cola was looking for a way to validate whether or not their nordic campaigns were hitting the right target group.
Case & Result
“Until recently we’ve experienced a high insecurity as to how well our campaigns have reached the right audience. However, the AudienceReport system makes it possible to do analysis on very narrow target groups. Therefore we now know exactly who our campaigns have been exposed to, which is highly valuable to us. The system helps us validate if our campaigns reach the amount of people we plan and if they reach our specific target group. In addition to this it is possible for us to compare the target group insights across the four Nordic countries. In continuation of our use of AudienceReport, we are running post tests on executed campaigns to measure the actual effect on brand and campaign parameters. Recently Epinion has introduced a new tool called Incite. This tool allows us to quickly filter data across the four Nordic countries, and makes data more available and useful. All data from Incite can be exported to powerpoint with Coca-Cola logo and colors, which makes it easy for us to spread our findings” says Jakob Møllmann, Nordic Digital Manager at The Coca-Cola Company
Jakob Møllmann
Nordic Digital Manager @ Coca Cola