Measuring the brand lift effect for an automotive brand's video ad

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Dailymotion, founded in 2005, is a global video streaming service that connects over 314 million entertainment-seekers to their personal world of news and entertainment. Built on a clever player, intuitive algorithm, and on carefully-selected recommendations, Dailymotion is the one-stop place for enjoying stories from the best creators around in one heightened video experience. Dailymotion is owned by Vivendi and headquartered in Paris with offices in New York and Singapore.


An automotive brand wanted to understand the actual impact of their video ad running on Dailymotion’s network. Specifically, the automotive brand wanted to understand which effect the video ad had on ad recall, brand preference and purchase intent in their target audience. This meant that Dailymotion needed a brand lift measurement solution to offer its client.


To help the automotive brand measure the effect of their video ad, Dailymotion ran AudienceProject’s brand lift survey in its video player. By asking questions relevant to the client’s campaign goals, Dailymotion was able to measure the impact of the video ad in the client’s target audience. This by comparing survey answers from people in the target group who did and did not see the video ad.

The brand lift study showed the following results for the video ad in the target audience:

  • Ad recall: 13% uplift
  • Brand preference: 5% uplift
  • Purchase intent: 6% uplift


By helping the client prove the positive impact that the video ad had on their target audience, Dailymotion was able to increase the value of their inventory and strengthen the relationship with their client even further.

Words from our client

It is crucially important for us at Dailymotion to help our clients understand the actual impact of video ads running on our network. Thanks to AudienceProject’s Brand Lift Studies, we were able to show one of our automotive brand clients that the money spent on our inventory has an actual impact on ad recall, brand preference and purchase intent. This enabled us to strengthen the relationship with the client and offer an added value to our offering.

Baptiste Archambault Director of Marketing and Growth Advertising at Dailymotion