AudienceProject studied the effects of mobile advertising for the Association of Danish Media

The Association of Danish Media asked us, if we would conduct a study about the effects and effectiveness of mobile advertising. The overall objective was to change the misconception that mobile advertising is less effective than desktop, and to show the effects of advertising on multiple devices. In order to show this, AudienceProject studied five different campaigns across two of the biggest medias in Denmark, using AudienceReport and EngagamentReport. The campaigns were carried out on different devices and media formats all with broad target groups. The effects were studied through target groups regarding click rates, campaign reach and campaign awareness, brand awareness and brand in consideration set. The study showed that the effects of mobile advertising were as good as they were on desktop. It also showed that advertising on multiple devices, improved the effects of the campaigns, even when taking double coverage into account. Compared to only using desktop, reach is increased with 26% – 566% when mobile and tablet is included, and the double coverage across different devices is 12% – 47%. In addition to this, it was clear that neglecting to use mobile placements, excluded exposure to some target groups. Mobile and tablet are capable of increasing awareness at the same level as desktop, and exposure on multiple devices seems to create more awareness than desktop and than multiple exposure on the same device.