“By targeting a campaign towards AudienceProject’s Sports Geek segment we helped a big betting company achieve a 179% uplift in Click Through Rate”

Densou wanted to help a client - a big betting company - increase their campaign effectiveness by reaching sports enthusiasts and bettors
Case & Result
To help the betting company achieve a higher reach among sports enthusiasts and bettors, Densou targeted the campaign towards one of AudienceProject’s Lifestyle Segments – the Sports Geeks. The Sports Geek segment is characterised by people who both likes to watch sports and bet on sports making this segment a perfect match for the campaign. The campaign was executed as a split test between a campaign targeted towards the Sports Geek segment and a campaign without data targeting. Everything else was held constant. The results were clear – AudienceProject’s Lifestyle Segment almost tripled the Click Through Rate.   densou_result *Index campaign numbers
Andreas Madsen
Head of Tradedesk @ Densou Trading Desk