Ebiquity understanding reach at scale

Agency case


Ebiquity is a leading media investment analyst company. Harnessing the power of data, Ebiquity enables brands to make fact-based media investment decisions and improve their business outcomes.


Following on from Ebiquity’s TV at the Tipping Point report, highlighting the increasing split of audiences away from traditional TV over time, Ebiquity wanted to look at the natural next step for marketers; where is the commercial reach, if audiences have more choices for AV content beyond traditional TV?


Ebiquity utilised AudienceProject’s cross-media audience measurement capabilities to better aid clients in planning and executing media campaigns across channels. A selection of Ebiquity’s largest ‘reach building’ clients measured their digital video activity using AudienceProject’s cross-media audience measurement solution. This was then fused with the UK BARB data and eventually published in their Mind the Gap report.


The deployment of AudienceProject’s measurement solution enabled groundbreaking research and insights to be surfaced, with great value to Ebiquity and their clients as well as the wider industry. Specifically, the cross-media audience measurement helped reveal which channels build and add reach most efficiently, and for which audiences. Indeed, this collaboration contributed to the understanding that all impressions are not equal.

Words from our client

Working with AudienceProject and their UK panel gave us a unique opportunity to surface reliable digital reach, frequency and profile data by platform and at scale and thus make a groundbreaking analysis of cross-media campaign performance. The findings represent a significant milestone in the continuing quest to answer advertisers’ biggest cross-media investment questions.

Martin Radford Director of Research & Insight, Ebiquity