Measuring de-duplicated reach and frequency across addressable and linear TV

Agency case


Finecast is a leading addressable TV company part of GroupM that enables advertisers to precisely target audiences in on-demand, linear and live streaming TV environments. Finecast is the first addressable TV company in the UK giving advertisers the ability to deliver targeted adverts to audiences across multiple TV channel brands, pay-TV platforms and set-top boxes, a range of video on demand (VOD)/catch up TV services, over-the-top providers, and game consoles – all combined for scale.


With linear TV viewing declining and streaming growing, Finecast wanted to prove how advertisers can cost-effectively extend their campaign audience reach beyond linear TV by investing in addressable TV. To do this, Finecast needed an audience measurement solution that could help them bring together linear and digitally delivered audiences and document the overall reach of their clients’ campaigns.


By using AudienceProject’s cross-media audience measurement solution, Finecast has built a unique and highly robust campaign reporting capability for its clients, allowing them to fuse addressable TV audiences with related linear TV audiences and report accurate de-duplicated audience reach, frequency and composition.

Among others, Finecast has measured a campaign by Direct Line Group, one of the UK’s leading insurance companies, running across addressable TV and linear TV. By measuring the campaign, Finecast has been able to prove that investments in addressable TV add significant incremental reach on top of linear TV and cost-effectively deliver audience reach.

The measurement of the campaign showed the following results for the investment in addressable TV:

  • 3.2% incremental reach for adults
  • 6.2% incremental reach for 16-34-year-olds
  • 22% savings when using Finecast for incremental reach vs linear TV (16-34-year-olds)


By documenting the benefits of investing in addressable TV on top of linear TV, Finecast has been able to further prove the value of addressable TV. This has both helped Finecast strengthen its relationship with existing clients and engage with new ones.

Words from our client

Using AudienceProject’s cross-media audience measurement solution has allowed us to measure our clients’ campaigns across addressable and linear TV and report de-duplicated audience reach, frequency and composition. This has helped us document the benefits of investing in Finecast on top of linear TV, proving the value of our inventory and supporting our overall value proposition.

Richard Fuller
Richard Fuller Head of Engagement