Top German sales house increased the share of impressions with audience data available for advertisers by 50%

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With the share of cookie-less traffic on the German sales house’s websites increasing, the sales house found it challenging to enrich parts of their ad inventory with high-quality data.

Offering contextual targeting for their cookie-less traffic did not meet the buy-side demand for socio-demographic and brand-specific custom audiences.

At the same time, the sales house was concerned about the scope of their audience targeting offering when looking into a future with third-party cookies being dead.


The sales house used AudienceProject’s Full Reach technology to apply high-quality audiences on all impressions, originating from traffic without third-party cookies.

With the Full Reach technology, applying several different methodologies, including ID-based and ID-less predictions, to choose the best approach for every single impression in real-time, the sales house could deliver high-quality audience targeting for all users.




more impressions with audience data available for advertisers

By utilising AudienceProject’s Full Reach technology, the sales house has been able to increase the share of impressions with audience data available for advertisers by 50%

Additionally, the implementation of the Full reach technology has ensured the sales house that they have a high-quality audience targeting offering for advertisers in a cookie-less world.

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