“By using UserReport’s free online survey tool, the Danish E-commerce iBob has gained detailed insight into their audience and collected valuable leads for their newsletter.”

Being a huge online retailer, iBob was looking for a way to know more about the people using their website - and how they could use that knowledge to increase sales.
Case & Result
“As an E-commerce we wanted to improve our sales by getting insights into our audience and collecting leads for our newsletter. UserReport’s free online survey tool helped us to gain these insights, which have been extremely valuable to us. Furthermore, the survey has generated a lot of leads for our newsletter – far more than expected. In addition to having generated these leads, our statistics tell us that the opening rate on our newsletter is twice as high on the leads generated from UserReport compared to others. At the bottom line it means increased sales“, says Niels Thomsen, Marketing Manager at iBob Group.
Niels Thomsen
Marketing Manager @ iBob