JPIMedia achieved a 49% uplift in reach for sociodemographic audiences by using AudienceProject’s Full Reach technology

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JPIMedia is one of the largest national, regional and local multimedia organisations in the UK. Founded in 2018, the media company provides news and information services through its portfolio of 200 newspapers and associated websites around the UK.


With a substantial portion of JPIMedia’s traffic coming from Safari and Firefox, which are both blocking cookies, the media company found it challenging to enrich parts of their inventory with high-quality data.

At the same time, to meet the buy-side demand for sociodemographic audiences, JPIMedia needed a targeting solution that could go beyond just contextual or behavioural targeting for their cookieless traffic.

Finally, JPIMedia needed a targeting solution that could function using both their own first-party data and independently of cookies in order to be future-proof.


JPIMedia used AudienceProject’s Full Reach technology, allowing the media company to deliver demographic segmentation on 100% of impressions, originating from traffic both with and without third-party cookies.

By using a hybrid model applying several different methodologies, including ID-based and ID-less predictions, the Full Reach technology chooses the most accurate data available to make predictions for every single impression in real-time.




uplift in reach for sociodemographic audiences

By utilising AudienceProject’s Full Reach technology, JPIMedia has been able to enrich all of their inventory, including the impressions originating from traffic without third-party cookies, which has enabled the media company to achieve a 49% uplift in reach for sociodemographic audiences.

Additionally, the implementation of the Full Reach technology has ensured that JPIMedia is set up perfectly for the future with a sustainable audience targeting offering ready for a cookie-less world.

Words from our client

Thanks to AudienceProject’s Full Reach technology, we have been able to deliver high-quality sociodemographic audiences on every single impression, whether the traffic originated from cookie-based or cookie-less browsers. This has allowed us to achieve a 49% uplift in reach for sociodemographic audiences.

Jade Power Head of Display
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