Kia's full lifecycle campaign measurement across channels

Advertiser case


Kia is a South Korean multinational automobile brand. Led by the values of full accountability and realising potential, Kia has become the world’s fifth largest vehicle manufacturer. Kia produces more than 1.4 million vehicles a year and has a network of more than 3,000 distributors and dealers covering 172 countries.


With digital media investments spread across various sites, social media and walled gardens, Kia needed an audience measurement solution that could provide the automotive company with a holistic view of their campaign performance in one place.


By using AudienceProject’s cross-media audience measurement solution, Kia has been able to measure the de-duplicated audience reach and frequency of their campaigns across channels and validate its data strategies. Additionally, the solution has allowed Kia’s marketing team to continuously measure their campaigns’ performance, enabling them to optimise their campaigns in real-time.


The campaign measurement routines have helped Kia derive actionable insights, allowing them to optimise their active campaigns, validate their past campaigns, and make informed decisions on how to plan their future campaigns. This has enabled Kia to determine an optimal combination of media channels to increment the reach in their target audience without increasing their ad spend, helping the automotive company grow its brand and business in the most efficient way.

Words from our client

AudienceProject’s cross-media audience measurement solution provides us with the insights we need to optimise our upper funnel digital media investments and reach our target audience most effectively across channels. Since this solution was implemented, we have been able to achieve a significant increase in brand awareness and performance KPIs. This is one of the biggest benefits for us, as being able to increase the reach in our target audience without having to increase our ad spend helps us grow our brand and business in the most efficient way.

Kenneth Steel Head of Marketing, Kia Denmark