Measuring the impact of Facebook ads compared to TV ads

Publisher case


Facebook is a social media that helps people connect with friends and family and allows businesses to find new customers and build lasting relationships with them. Facebook’s business products offer creative flexibility, work across devices, and are built to help you reach your goals.


Facebook wanted to prove the value of its advertising platform by comparing the impact of Facebook video ads against TV advertising with a campaign by the Swedish product comparison website Prisjakt .


Facebook partnered with AudienceProject to set up a cross-media report assessing the value of Prisjakt’s Facebook and Instagram ad spend in relation to its TV ad spend.

AudienceProject measured Prisjakt’s video ads on Facebook and Instagram, which ran during the same five-week period as their TV ad was broadcasted, and compared the impact of those in the cross-media report.

The cross-media report identified Facebook and Instagram as the most efficient and effective platforms to reach Prisjakt’s target audience. The Facebook and Instagram video ads resulted in 5.1X more efficient reach and a 95% reach accuracy in the 25–59 age group compared to 77% for TV.


By measuring Prisjakt’s campaign, Facebook has been able to prove the value of advertising on Facebook compared to TV. This has both helped Facebook strengthen its relationship with Prisjakt and enabled them to attract more advertisers for increased business growth.