AudienceProject measurement helps Telia document an increase in reach efficiency of 20% with a redistributed ad budget

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Telia is Europe’s fifth-largest and Northern Europe's largest telecommunications company with more than 20,000 employees and over 23 million customers. The telecommunications company has a firm focus on being the strongest in the Baltic Sea region, defined as Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


With media consumption increasingly shifting from linear TV to digital, Telia Denmark wanted to explore if the telco could reach its target audience more efficiently by moving a share of its ad budget from linear TV to YouTube.


To do this, Telia ran two cross-media campaigns with different media allocations across TV (linear TV and addressable TV) and online video (YouTube) and partnered with AudienceProject to measure the impact of moving a share of its ad budget from TV to online video.

Telia first ran a campaign with 88% of the ad budget allocated to TV and just 12% allocated to YouTube, followed soon after by a second campaign with 71% of the ad budget allocated to TV and 29% allocated to YouTube. At the same time, the telco decreased the total ad budget by 10% from the first to the second campaign.



increase in reach efficiency


higher in-target audience reach


higher reach among 25-34-year-olds

Despite this decreased total ad budget, the measurement showed that the 80% total reach of the second campaign was actually 5 points higher than the first campaign. In other words, Telia reached more people in the target audience for less money.

By comparing the cost per reach point (the cost of reaching one percent of the target audience) for the two campaigns, the measurement specifically documented that the reach efficiency increased by 20% in the second campaign.

In addition, the measurement showed that the Telia campaign not only reached more people in the target audience but also a more even distribution of the target audience. While the first campaign reached between 64% and 86% across age groups, the second campaign reached between 72% and 88% across age groups.

Finally, although Telia allocated significantly more ad budget to online video in the second campaign, the measurement showed that the online part of the campaign remained more cost-effective than the TV part, indicating a potential to allocate even more budget to online video. In short, the results show that TV needs 338 TRPs to create the same incremental reach as YouTube created with 180 TRPs – 158 additional TRPs. Put differently, even if YouTube had been 88% more expensive than TV, it would still be as cost-effective as TV.

Words from our client

The measurement by AudienceProject has provided us with valuable insights into how we can reach our target audience more efficiently across TV and online video, helping us optimise future cross-media campaign activities.

Eva Lundgren Director of Brand & Marketing, Telia

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