“The adjustments we made to our website content has led to an incredible 44% increase in traffic.”

Tipsbladet.dk wanted to know if users were satisfied with their website - and if not, what to adjust.
Case & Result
“We started working with AudienceProject in the beginning of 2015. We needed a tool that could tell us what our visitors actually thought of Tipsbladet.dk, and how satisfied they were with the content we were giving them. Their free survey tool UserReport, does exactly that. Overall, we wanted more page views and sessions, and we were well aware that we needed to get in touch with our current users to achieve this. We continuously use a combination of UserReport’s standard questions and made our own site-specific questions to get the answers we need. By finding out what content is most valuable to our visitors and what content they weren’t as interested in, we could adapt our content to their wishes. Three weeks later we saw that the adjustments to our content had led to a 44% increase in traffic”, says Thomas Lue Lytzen, COO at Tipsbladet.dk.
Thomas Lue Lytzen
COO @ Tipsbladet