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We believe in inspiring people to be their best and make an impact. That’s why we have built a culture around freedom, trust and development. Want to reach your full potential and make the world of advertising better for both brands and consumers? You’ve come to the right place!

Join a highly ambitious SaaS company always striving for excellence, and work with big data and AI to solve some of the biggest challenges in the advertising industry, helping brands better connect to consumers. By applying best-in-class technology to robust statistical research practices, our company brings creative and innovative solutions to life that have a positive impact on the industry and society as a whole.

"I like working with AI and big data to solve hard problems. To solve these problems, you need to have psychological safety. You need a team that supports you to make it safe to experiment. And this is what we have in AudienceProject."
- Mark

We believe that freedom and flexibility for individuals and teams create the best conditions for people to grow and thrive – professionally and personally. As a hybrid workplace, we empower people to work autonomously and trust that you know where and how you work best, supporting a healthy balance between life at work and life outside of work, while challenging you to deliver your best work.

"What I like most is that I have the freedom to do what I do best - solving complex technical problems. I can approach problems in any way I see fit, discuss them with my peers, and develop feasible solutions together. That is very important to me."
- Jacob

We meet each other with an open heart and open hands, establishing a caring and generous culture where you have a sense of belonging. As an international and diverse company, we create a space for people to collaborate on projects, share their perspectives and grow together. We trust each other and have a culture where you can feel safe to speak up and make mistakes and an environment characterised by friendly, supportive and helpful people who value the social aspect of work.

"I like working at AudienceProject because everyone is easy to approach and ready to help out. I can ask questions and work on interesting projects across departments, which contributes to a great team atmosphere."
- Corina

Solving complex challenges for the advertising industry of tomorrow demands expertise in multiple and expanding fields. To stay ahead of the curve and deliver solutions that bring light to the dark of advertising, we promote knowledge sharing and are committed to ongoing education, ensuring that our bright and curious minds keep evolving.

"The unparalleled sense of collaboration, working with incredibly talented individuals who share a passion for innovation and teamwork, has truly enriched me. Together, we are shaping the future of advertising, which is why AudienceProject is an extraordinary place to be."
- Artem

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We believe in growing people as we grow our company. Our people-first culture ensures that everyone can grow and thrive professionally as well as personally. This is the foundation of our talented team of bright and curious minds.

We believe in living our values; brains, hearts and guts – three values that we perceive as equally important and as an essential part of who we are.