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AudienceProject announces data integration with Google

April 12, 2016 -

Based on a deterministic panel of more than a million active online panelists, AudienceProject has the widest high affinity reach in the region, making it a natural fit as a data source for campaigns in DBM, DoubleClick’s DSP.

AudienceProject’s unique combination of large scale first party deterministic data and machine learning provides high level precision in probabilistic data used for targeting.

The data from AudienceProject enables advertisers and agencies to conduct accurate targeting on parameters like age, gender, income and several other demographics through Google DoubleClick’s platforms. At the same time, publishers will have access to sell audiences through DoubleClick For Publishers. The segments are built directly into DoubleClick Bid Manager, which enables agencies and marketers to target desired segments in real-time.

The data is now available in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland and more countries will be made available throughout 2016.

Since 2013 AudienceProject has worked together with Google in documenting target group impacts and campaign effectiveness. For AudienceProject the data integration was a natural next step.

“We have worked with Google since 2013, so we know each other very well by now. Google has always delivered outstanding technical solutions and a highly professional service level, so for us, it was only logical to give access to our data through DoubleClick,” says Jacob Lachmann, CEO at AudienceProject. He continues: “Our solution is a strong offering to the market, and we are already experiencing impressive results.”

The data integration will provide the following benefits to the audience targeting ecosystem:

AudienceProject’s AudienceData will be available within the DoubleClick platform, enabling advertisers and agencies to tap into the largest socio-demographic data pool in the Nordics and reach desired segments with a single click.

By using AudienceProject’s AudienceData in Double Click Bid Manager, marketers and agencies will have access to real-time segments and the ability to improve campaign performance on reach in target group, affinities and to help agencies and marketers reduce wastage in the media buying process.