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AOL chooses AudienceProject as Nordic data partner

May 4, 2017 -

Programmatic advertising has evolved into the new norm in digital advertising and now AOL Platforms is intensifying their Nordic presence.

With AOL entering a new partnership with the marketing technology company AudienceProject, customers using ONE by AOL will now be able to do targeting on parameters like age, gender, income and several other socio demographic identifiers in the Nordics.

The data from AudienceProject is based on more than 850.000 active panelists in the Nordics making AudienceProject the provider with the widest high affinity reach in the region.

This was crucial for AOL when choosing AudienceProject as data provider for their DSP. Head of Programmatic & Publishing in the Nordics at AOL, Ian Cemann, says:

“AOL Platforms is bringing the buying platform of tomorrow to the Nordics and data is a true differentiator for AOL. AOL is partnering with AudienceProject as a Nordic data provider as they have a proven track record in the industry. Their large scale first party data combined with their machine learning capabilities ensures a high level of precision in the data used for targeting and complements AOLs own first party data perfectly. The combination of AudienceProject and AOLs data ensures advertises high precision and accuracy at scale in the Nordic region.”

For AudienceProject the data integration with AOL is a testimony to the quality of their data. Global Publisher Director at AudienceProject, Simon Kvist Gaulshøj, says:

“AOL is known as a highly innovative company in the digital media industry. Being chosen as Nordic data partner for their DSP validates our position in the Nordic market. We are excited that we can now extend our offering to customers using ONE by AOL for Advertisers.”

AudienceProject’s socio demographics segments are available in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.