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AudienceProject appoints new CEO

September 25, 2018 -

The board has decided that to ensure long term continuity in top management it is time to change of CEO, which is why, effective as of 20.09.2018 Henrik Lauritzen assumes the position as CEO at AudienceProject.

Henrik Lauritzen succeeds Jacob Lachmann, who will will remain associated with the company as a shareholder. We welcome Henrik in his new role as CEO.

Jacob entered the company three years ago. He has grown the company significantly. In the past three years Jacob has more than doubled the company, he has made AudienceProject cash-positive and he has lead the company toward many great wins, including, for example, the build up in UK, SE and GE.

Jacob has shown exceptionally gifted leadership in growing the company, boosting our market presence, brand and turnover.

We thank Jacob for his contributions and look forward to relying on his advice in his capacity as shareholder in the company.