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AudienceProject becomes a Meta Business Partner for brand lift measurement

March 28, 2023 - Press Release

AudienceProject is now one of a few select third-party measurement companies badged as a Meta Business Partner for both cross-media reach and brand lift measurement.

One year ago, AudienceProject became a badged Meta Business Partner for cross-media reach measurement, allowing advertisers to get independent and continuous audience measurement of campaigns across Meta technologies, including Facebook and Instagram.

Today, following an increasing demand to get independent measurement of Meta campaigns’ impact, AudienceProject is announcing that it is now also a badged partner for cross-media brand lift measurement.

As a Meta Business Partner, AudienceProject has been helping advertisers gain better insights into the total and incremental reach of their cross-media campaigns. In addition, the company will now also help advertisers gain better insights into the impact of their cross-media campaigns on brand metrics like awareness, consideration and preference and combine these metrics with their advertising spend across channels.

Advertisers can get these insights isolated for Meta campaigns or in combination with other channels, including open web, YouTube, connected TV and linear TV. This will enable advertisers to better understand which channels are most efficient at driving brand outcomes, helping them to optimise their media mix and improve their total brand impact.

Brian Meritam Larsen, VP Partnerships at AudienceProject, comments: “We are very proud to be one of few select third-party measurement companies badged as a Meta Business Partner for both cross-media reach and brand lift measurement. At the same time, we are excited that we will now be able to offer advertisers more comprehensive measurement of Meta campaigns, providing them even more insights for more efficient budget allocation“.

AudienceProject’s brand lift measurement is done via a matching process between AudienceProject consented panel data and ad campaigns on Meta. Using this integration, AudienceProject can identify people who have and have not been exposed to the Meta campaigns, survey both groups and compare the results to see the effect of the campaigns.

AudienceProject will initially offer its brand lift measurement solution to advertisers in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. More countries will follow later this year.

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