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AudienceProject becomes data provider for Mapp Digital

September 27, 2016 -

A new integration between the marketing technology company AudienceProject and the data driven marketing company Mapp Digital, formerly known as Teradata Marketing Applications, makes data from AudienceProject available for clients in Mapp. The integration enables Mapp’s Nordic customers to target desired segments based on 40 million profiled devices.

With almost 800.000 active panelists in the Nordics, AudienceProject has by far the largest device panel in the region. This position has been crucial for Mapp when choosing AudienceProject as data provider for their Data Management Platform (DMP).

“AudienceProject’s transparent approach towards the different stakeholders in the marketing space was key in choosing AudienceProject as data partner. As was their documented high reach and precision in their data targeting and profiling capabilities based on a combination of large scale first party deterministic data and machine learning capabilities,” says Per John Jensen, General Manager at Mapp.

For AudienceProject the scope of Mapp Digital’s solutions and their position as industry leader in data driven marketing made an integration with Mapp’s DMP an obvious win for everybody.

“Mapp has a well-established omnichannel marketing automation platform as well as a long history with data driven marketing by using complex data to improve businesses. This corresponds very well with our commitment to make the complex world of online audiences simpler and more effective,” says Jacob Lachmann, CEO at AudienceProject.

And Jacob Lachmann continues:

“Mapp has a very sophisticated set-up when it comes to communicating with known users, but with this integration we help Mapp and their clients to profile unknown users with socio demographic and intent data for a more complete solution.”

With AudienceProject’s data brands and publishers can target relevant audiences on display advertising and e-commerce companies can personalize their products to unknown users. In this way, visitors are presented with suitable content and products giving them a feeling of a relevant customized visit from the very first click.

AudienceProject’s data is now available in Mapp enabling targeting based on more than 40 million profiled devices.