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AudienceProject extends and expands its agreement with Media Metrics Finland

June 28, 2022 - Press Release

The operator of the official measurement of online audiences in Finland, Media Metrics Finland, has extended its agreement with AudienceProject. With the new agreement, AudienceProject will deliver Europe’s most comprehensive nationwide digital audience measurement for the Finnish media.

Two years ago, AudienceProject got chosen as the official measurement partner for Media Metrics Finland, the operator of the Finnish Internet Audience Measurement (FIAM). Now, Media Metrics Finland has extended its agreement with AudienceProject for another three years.

With the new agreement, AudienceProject will continue to provide Media Metrics Finland with insights on reach, page views, sessions and frequency for the public ranking list of Finnish media. To deliver this list, AudienceProject measures more than 58 billion page views per week across more than 200 media and sections, covering more than 95% of the Finnish online traffic.

However, the new agreement will not just be a continuation of the previous one. On top of the public ranking list, AudienceProject will also deliver a comprehensive dashboard for the Finnish media, representing a step-change in how nationwide digital audience measurement of media is done and what it covers.

By utilising its unique cross-media audience measurement platform, AudienceProject will deliver a full-coverage audience measurement of the Finnish media’s traffic across their websites and apps, providing them with extremely flexible and granular insights on audience composition, reach and frequency.

More specifically, the Finnish media will get insights on reach, page views, sessions and frequency in target group on a daily and weekly basis for any given time period. Additionally, they will be able to compare the audience insights for their own media with their competitors’ to see who has the highest reach in the target group and what the reach overlap is.

“After two years working with AudienceProject, we have only gotten more confident that they are the right measurement partner for us. AudienceProject’s advanced technology and robust methodology ensure a privacy-safe and future-ready audience measurement solution, providing the Finnish media with reliable and comparable audience insights. Additionally, when considering the issues our colleagues in other countries have, we are very pleased that AudienceProject has managed to deliver a solution, servicing the vast majority of the Finnish media industry”, says Saku Sahramies, Chairman of the Board at Media Metrics Finland.

“The measurement delivered by AudienceProject provides us with highly valuable insights into how well we reach advertisers’ target audiences. With these insights, we can easily show advertisers which of our media are relevant to them and what they can expect if running a campaign with us, helping us better monetise our inventory”, says Matti Niskanen, Web Analyst at Mediatalo Keskisuomalainen.

“We are extremely excited that Media Metrics Finland has decided to extend their agreement with us, which we consider as a great testament to our audience measurement solution. We will continuously strive to deliver audience insights that help the media get the most value from their inventory”, says Geert Laier Christensen, Vice President, Data Science at AudienceProject.

The insights for the public ranking list of Finnish media are delivered today, while the dashboard will be available for the Finnish media in September.

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Media Metrics Finland is a non-profit media development company renewing cross-traditional information production and common practices in the media industry. Media Metrics Finland operates the Finnish Internet Audience Measurement, a unique and comprehensive way to get comparable information about the online audience of Finnish media.

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