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AudienceProject introduces cross-platform campaign validation

October 2, 2019 -

There is a constant influx of new platforms for your digital ad spend. Facebook, Google, display networks and addressable TV are just a few of the options. Unfortunately, the many platforms have made it impossible to get a clear overview of your performance across the different platforms.

That is until now, as AudienceProject is introducing cross-platform campaign validation in their award-winning measurement tool AudienceReport.

With Integrated Reporting, advertisers and agencies can measure their campaigns across all platforms, allowing them to get a complete breakdown of their campaigns’ performance in their target group.

Integrated Reporting has already been properly vetted through 6 months of closed service by many of the biggest agencies and the new validation service is welcomed with open arms.

Having campaigns running on Facebook and YouTube validated by a third-party provider like AudienceProject is essential for us to be able to optimise our clients’ media budgets and transparently document the effects of their campaigns across various platforms,” says Claes Braagaard, Chief Investment Officer, Nordic at Omnicom Media Group.

Knowing the unique reach of each platform

The new measurement solution helps digital advertisers validate which audience their campaigns running on Facebook, YouTube and other platforms manage to reach. This includes insights into the reach overlap between Facebook, YouTube and other platforms, so that digital advertisers can see the unique reach of their campaigns on each of the platforms. And as the measurement solution is built into the award-winning measurement tool AudienceReport, digital advertisers are also able to compare key campaign metrics with other strategies like addressable TV, linear TV or whatever platforms they are using.

AudienceProject’s new measurement solution is available for digital advertisers in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Vietnam from today.

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