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AudienceProject launches AudienceHub – a unique audience building tool

November 6, 2019 - Press Release

New solution helps publishers secure a greater share of advertising revenue by activating their own data and creating unique audiences for targeted campaigns

AudienceProject has today launched AudienceHub, a new tool that enables publishers to develop a more sustainable business model by leveraging their own unique assets to build first-party audiences.

AudienceHub allows publishers to input data from a multitude of sources such as CRM data and website surveys, to build bespoke and customer-specific audiences for activation in online media campaigns. The platform uses complex machine learning algorithms and AudienceProject’s Audience Intelligent Robot (AIR), to analyse the online behaviour of users from publishers’ first-party data, and find individuals with similar behaviour patterns, so they can reach the greatest number of prospective customers.

AudienceHub is an intuitive self-service platform that guides the user through each step of the process from importing data, building and growing an audience, to distributing to the desired platform.

Rune Werliin, Chief Product Officer at AudienceProject commented: “In today’s media landscape, publishers are unfortunately getting a smaller and smaller piece of the pie when it comes to global advertising spend. With the rise of the tech giants and the increase of programmatic buying taking place in open auctions where publishers cannot apply data and measurement, it’s no surprise they are losing out.”

“Our aim is to help publishers build solutions to offer another way for the publishers and their clients. AudienceHub is a part of that solution and enables publishers to build unique and valuable audiences from first-party data to activate across their media properties.”

AudienceHub is available for publishers in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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AudienceProject is a technology-based market research company founded in Denmark and operational worldwide that helps publishers, agencies and advertisers identify, build, reach and measure audiences.

AudienceProject empowers publishers, agencies and advertisers to collect and activate their own audience data, so they can create unique data offerings and show advertisers the true value of omnichannel marketing.

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