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AudienceProject partners with AppNexus to Power Audience Targeting

April 17, 2018 -

Through a new integration between AudienceProject, the marketing technology company, and AppNexus, the world’s leading independent advertising technology company, high quality data from AudienceProject is now available to AppNexus’ UK, German and Nordic clients. The integration enables buyers using the AppNexus Programmable Platform (APP), the company’s demand-side platform (DSP), to target desired segments for optimized media buying, reduce wastage and lower contact prices.

AudienceProject’s market leading segments include a wide range of socio-demographic segments based on affinity as well as intent, ownership, lifestyle, family life cycle and customized segments.

With the largest independent amount of targeting data and a vast first party data pool including more than 1.7 million active panelists in the UK, Germany and the Nordics, AudienceProject has some of the largest panels in these regions. This position, combined with the ability to transparently document precision and reach, was crucial for AppNexus when choosing AudienceProject as data provider for their platform.

“We’ve built a lot of our more advanced capabilities and initiatives on AppNexus’ technology platform. Combining these with segments and verification from AudienceProject is an exciting enhancement for our markets in general,” said Paw Saxgren, Nordic COO at GroupM ONE.

For AudienceProject, AppNexus’ position as the world’s largest independent digital marketplace made an integration with AppNexus’ platform an obvious choice.

“AudienceProject is integrated to all the existing big technology platforms and with this integration to AppNexus, our offering is complete”, said Jacob Lachmann, CEO at AudienceProject.

Peter Østrem, VP Nordics and responsible for commercial data at AudienceProject continues:

“Today, some of our biggest partners are already using the AppNexus platform and we are therefore excited that we are now able to offer our market leading segments to these partners as well to help them optimize their media buying.”

For AppNexus, the new partnership with AudienceProject is also highlighted as a great improvement of the offering to their clients.

“Many of the largest buyers on our platform already use AudienceProject’s segments to enrich their media buying strategies,” said Dan Smith, Senior Director, Data Partnerships at AppNexus. “By partnering directly with AudienceProject, we’re making it easier for our customers to leverage this segment data in powerful new ways.”

AudienceProject’s data is available in AppNexus’ platform for clients in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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AudienceProject is a marketing technology company founded in Denmark and operational worldwide. Based on its proprietary tech stack and more than 1.5 million panelists worldwide, AudienceProject helps brands, agencies and publishers identify, target and validate audiences. AudienceProject’s real-time audience measurement service, AudienceReport, enables clients to plan, optimize and validate digital campaigns, while its audience targeting service, AudienceData, enables clients to reach desired segments and reduce waste in media buying. AudienceProject has committed itself to create transparency in the media industry by providing innovative, high quality, highly scalable and low-cost offerings towards both clients and users.

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