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AudienceProject replaces Comscore as the official measurement partner for Media Metrics Finland

March 13, 2020 - Press Release

The technology-based market research company AudienceProject replaces Comscore as the official measurement partner for Media Metrics Finland to provide data on audience reach for the biggest Finnish publishers

The official measurement of user statistics for Finnish websites and apps, Media Metrics Finland, has entered a new partnership with the Danish technology-based market research company AudienceProject.

With the new partnership, AudienceProject will be measuring page views and demographics of the 300-400 biggest websites and apps in Finland, including those owned by Alma Media, MTV, Sanoma Media Finland and the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle) as well as other major publishers.

AudienceProject’s measurement technology is unique in the world of digital audience measurement and the data will be available to the Finnish market at a scale and speed not previously seen in the industry.

For Media Metrics, AudienceProject’s position as the market standard for audience measurement of digital campaigns in the Nordics as well as AudienceProject’s unique measurement technology has been crucial for entering the new partnership.

“AudienceProject has a proven track record with measuring audiences for both advertisers, agencies and publishers in the Nordics. This combined with their advanced technology and methodology made us confident that AudienceProject was the right measurement partner to replace Comscore in delivering transparency on the audience composition of the Finnish websites and apps”, says Lisa Lundström, Managing Director at Media Metrics Finland.

Henrik Lauritzen, CEO at AudienceProject, states: “We are very happy to be the official measurement partner for the publishers in Finland and we look forward to partnering with Media Metrics Finland to deliver measurement data that can help fuel growth for the Finnish media.”

The implementation of the partnership between AudienceProject and Media Metrics Finland starts in now, and the first data on audience reach is expected to be delivered in May.

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