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AudienceProject will provide demographic data for new online measurements in Sweden

August 22, 2016 -

AudienceProject will provide the technology and methodology, when KIA-index, the Swedish measurement of visitor statistics launches a new index with demographics on the Swedish websites. Data about gender, age, education and income will create greater insights into the media mix for advertisers.

“For the digital media market transparency and knowledge about the audiences at the specific media is an important element in creating trust and confidence for the media to the advertisers. Our partnership with KIA-index gives insights into who you can expect to reach and as a lot of publishers and media agencies already use our measurements, it can create trust in the Swedish websites,” says Jacob Lachmann, CEO at AudienceProject.

KIA-index already publish weekly statistics on traffic, but the new demographic data will give better insights into who the users actually are.

“The internet is under constant transformation and KIA-index has to keep up with the trends we are experiencing. Therefore, we have decided to add additional data to the websites listed on KIA-index among those who want to take part of the new measurement. In the near future we will add a currency for users at individual level for the members, who want this,” says Peter Mackhé, Constituted Director at KIA-index

The new measurement is sought-after by the media industry. Instead of collecting information from different and not necessarily comparable sources, it is now possible to get an overview of all websites at one place.

“To meet the requests from the advertisers, KIA-index has partnered with AudienceProject. We have found a simple way to complement traffic data with demographic data to get a complete picture with all the needed information at one place,” says Anders Ericson, CEO at Sweden’s Advertisers.

A lot of the Nordic media agencies already use AudienceProject’s measurements, and therefore the new measurement is welcomed by MEC.

“The transparency will give us valuable information on which profiles visit the different websites, which is very useful when planning digital campaigns. It is crucial to us, when we decide at which media we must place our campaigns,” says Markus Hedin, AVM Manager at MEC.

The rollout of the partnership between AudienceProject and KIA-index starts August the 18th and it is expected that data for the first websites will be published during September.