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AudienceProject wins international award for Best Audience Measurement Platform

August 5, 2016 -

In competition with Adobe, Accordant Media and Dstillery, AudienceProject’s campaign management system AudienceReport has been announced winner of Best Audience Measurement Platform in Digiday’s international Signal Awards. With this award AudienceProject is included among previous winning companies such as Salesforce, Oracle, Saatchi & Saatchi, xAd and 33Across.

With the Signal Awards Digiday, the leading media publication and events company, wants to recognize technology platforms that are bringing efficiency, effectiveness and creativity to media and marketing processes for brands, agencies and publishers.

“The Digiday Signal Award is an award honouring the advertising and marketing technology platforms that underpin modern advertising and marketing. AudienceProject’s achievement on winning the Signal Award proves that it has a cutting edge audience measurement platform”, says Kelsey Lundstrom, Manager of Digiday Awards Programs.

For AudienceProject this award is a great testimony to the hard work that has been put in building up AudienceReport.

“Being honoured with the Digiday Signal Award for Best Audience Measurement Platform validates what we have said to each other for some time; that we have the world’s best audience measurement platform,” says Jacob Lachmann, CEO at AudienceProject.

Lachmann sees the achievement as a recognition of AudienceProject’s methodology, where classic market research meets the full capabilities of technology and quality first party data:

“The award is a testimony to the capability of our huge first party data pool with real people, which our platform is build upon as well as our intuitive interface enabling our clients to monitor and optimize campaigns in real time”

One of the cases which the award is based on is a case showing how the global media agency MEC has used AudienceReport for audience measurements to validate their target group reach and finetune their media mix.

“By using AudienceReport we have been able to optimize our campaigns in real time and improve the distribution of our media budget. We have been able to finetune the media mix between TV campaigns and online video campaigns and minimize our waste”, says Markus Hedin, AVM Manager at MEC.