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November 9, 2021 - Press Release

Since entering into a partnership with the Danish tech company AudienceProject, audience measurement has played a crucial role for, helping the comparison site understand how to reach its target audience in the most efficient way across channels.

In August 2019, the UK comparison site partnered with the Danish technology-based market research company AudienceProject to start measuring who actually saw their online ads and if they could invest their advertising budget more efficiently.

On the reasoning behind entering the partnership with AudienceProject, Gareth George, Group Head of Media at, says: “Before working with AudienceProject, we were scouring the market for partners who could provide us with insights into audience reach. Despite being a big problem for advertisers, solutions to solve this were scarce as independent panel-based audience measurement is not a standard in the UK market.”

Gareth George continues: “In late 2018, we were introduced to AudienceProject, an established currency for panel-based audience measurement in the Nordics that had entered the UK market the previous year. Based on their vast experience from working with Nordic brands, we entered into a partnership with AudienceProject and became the first UK-based brand to work with them.”

This started’s audience measurement journey and helped the comparison site collect the audience insights they were looking for to measure the reach of their target audience more efficiently.

With AudienceProject’s cross-media audience measurement platform, AudienceReport, are collecting insights on de-duplicated campaign audience reach and frequency across channels, as well as insights on the incremental reach of their online video and TV campaigns. This provides the comparison site with a holistic view of their campaigns’ performance, supporting both the planning and optimisation of campaigns.

“With the insights from AudienceReport, we can understand how to reach our target audience in the most efficient way across channels, which has helped us better allocate our advertising budget for online video and TV. Specifically, it has resulted in us upscaling our YouTube activity and gaining a better understanding of building effective reach across various formats, without massively increasing our advertising budget”, says Gareth George.

For AudienceProject, the business value that has been able to generate from the audience measurement is both seen as a testament to their capabilities, but also as a perfect example of what a brand can achieve from making informed decisions based on audience insights.

Joe Hayes, Sales Director, UK at AudienceProject, says: ”We are proud to see the results that has achieved from using our cross-media audience measurement solution. This clearly shows how innovative brands can commercially benefit from planning and optimising their campaigns based on audience insights.”

AudienceProject’s cross-media audience measurement platform is available in the UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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