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GroupM Sweden boosts capabilities on cross-media audience measurement with AudienceProject

November 8, 2021 - Press Release

GroupM Sweden deepens its relationship with AudienceProject in order to together provide clients with total cross-media audience measurement of campaigns.

GroupM Sweden, the parent company of the independent media agencies Mediacom, Mindshare, Quisma and Wavemaker, has deepened its relationship with the technology-based market research company AudienceProject, who will provide GroupM Sweden with the new generation of their cloud-based cross-media audience measurement platform, AudienceReport.

GroupM Sweden will now, powered by AudienceProject’s new measurement platform, offer total cross-media audience measurement of campaigns to all its clients. This means that clients will get independent, real-time insights on de-duplicated campaign audience reach, frequency and composition across the open web and walled gardens such as Meta and YouTube as well as Connected TV and Addressable TV.

GroupM Sweden wants to invest further into this area together with AudienceProject, to do even better planning and optimisation of their clients’ campaigns, improving the performance of their upper funnel media investments. Specifically, it enables GroupM to help their clients reach their target audiences in the most efficient way and build incremental reach across media and platforms.

Patrick Wallin, Media & Trading Director at GroupM Sweden, says: “With new siloed platforms emerging and classical open web just taking up a fragment of the total media spend, proper cross-media audience measurement is more needed than ever. Without it, brands have limited insights into campaign audience reach and cost-efficiency across the media and platforms available. Questions such as how many actually see an ad across multiple channels needs to be answered to secure the efficiency of media investments. AudienceProject’s new measurement platform helps us answer such questions and therefore, we have deepened our relationship with them.”

Thomas Jepsen, Vice President Sales at AudienceProject, comments: “We are proud to be able to assist GroupM Sweden in their quest to improve brands’ understanding of audience reach and media efficiency. With the new generation of our measurement platform, AudienceReport, we are capable of providing a holistic view of important metrics such as reach in target group and ad spend in target group across channels. We know from thousands of campaign measurements that a lot of impressions never meet the intended target group, and we are looking forward to further support GroupM Sweden to help brands achieve their business goals.”

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GroupM is the world’s leading media investment company responsible for more than $60B in annual media investment through agencies Mindshare, MediaCom, Wavemaker, Essence and m/SIX, as well as the outcomes-driven programmatic audience company, Xaxis. GroupM’s portfolio includes Data & Technology, Investment and Services, all united in vision to shape the next era of media where advertising works better for people. By leveraging all the benefits of scale, the company innovates, differentiates and generates sustained value for our clients wherever they do business.

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