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AudienceProject comes with a full stack of marketing and advertising tools and services, enabling you to identify, build, reach and measure audiences. They’re powerful alone – but even better when used together:

The Tools:

UserReport helps you identify your audience and collect feedback from users on your website. With our online survey tool, you can ask your users anything and get the audience insights relevant to you or your client.


AudienceHub helps you import, build and grow audiences and distribute them across multiple platforms. With our self-service prediction engine, you can build any targetable audience relevant to you or your client.


AudienceReport helps you get insights into whether your campaigns are reaching the intended audience. Measure your campaign performance based on key metrics like reach in target group, affinity and frequency.

The Services:

With our high-quality targeting segments, you reach any audience relevant to you or your client and optimise future marketing activities. You can choose from a long list of segments including demographic, lifestyle, ownership and purchase intent segments.


EngagementReport allows you to do brand lift studies on top of your campaign and audience validation to document the actual effect of your campaign. Learn how big of a lift it generated on a multitude of key metrics (and if it performed better or worse than the benchmark).

Brand Tracker

Our brand tracker allows you to do multiple brand lift studies over a period of time to keep track of how customers feel about your own and competing brands and whether your campaign efforts are paying off long-term.

Our platform is for businesses of all sizes. No matter who you are, it can be used in a way so that it fits and scales with your organisation. You can use our tools and services as stand-alone – or in combination to achieve even greater results. Whatever your needs are, we are here to help you get the most value from your advertising spend or inventory and grow your business.

The AudienceProject platform is based on our proprietary technology stack, algorithms, machine learning models and more than 1.5 million panelists providing deterministic data points worldwide. Within our AudienceGraph, we observe millions of entities as they move over time and cyberspace. The analysis of their behaviour allows us to get a holistic, continuous overview of individual surfing patterns across different physical devices. This ultimately enables us to provide high-quality targeting segments as well as precise audience validation.


Our platform is built on lightning fast API’s and integrates easily with the tools you know and love. Here are some of them:

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