Audience Measurement & Planning Platform

See the bigger picture. Know where to optimise.

Get a holistic view of your ad performance across channels, formats and devices. See de-duplicated audience reach, frequency and composition, evaluate campaign outcomes and plan for maximum ROI.

Audiences consume content in an increasingly fragmented fashion across multiple devices and channels. The growing lack of independent, continuous and standardised measurement along with the imposing 3rd party cookie-death makes it increasingly difficult for advertisers to determine how and where their advertising budgets are spent most effectively.

Our solution

AudienceProject is an independent audience measurement platform with everything you need to create effective multichannel campaigns. Here’s how it works:


Get a continuous, holistic view of your ad performance across channels, formats and devices – know who see your ads how often and make in-flight optimisations

Cross Media Reports

Build on top of AudienceReport and get a deeper understanding on campaign execution and how much you actually paid to reach your target group on different channels

See how different channels contribute

Get a deep analysis of the campaign pressure across different channels and how each of them contributed in regards to impressions, frequency and Target Rating Points.

Get a granular cost analysis

Get insights into media efficiency and know which channels were most cost-effective at reaching the target group. Get an overview with nominal vs effective CPM per channel.

Plan for better media investments

By looking at overall campaign pressure combined with cost, you get a much better understanding on how to reach your key audiences most cost-efficiently.

Brand & Sales Lifts

Go beyond audience reach and frequency and know if your campaigns had an effect on brand awareness, purchase intent and preference, as well as online or offline sales.

Return on ad spend
Measure the metrics that matter to you

Understand the impact of your cross-channel marketing on key brand metrics like awareness, consideration and preference as well as actual effects on your online or offline sales.

Return on ad spend
See the real return on ad spend

By combining brand and sales lift studies with your advertising spend, we can give you a better understanding of actual return on ad spend across different channels and buying strategies.

Understand effect in any audience

Know if your campaign had an effect on your key audiences. Target groups can be based on a multitude of attributes like sociodemographics, purchase intent, interests and even your own customer data.

AudienceProject is a new kind of audience measurement platform built from the ground up by people equally passionate about market research and bleeding-edge technology. See how we make cross-media measurement cookieless, reliable and privacy-safe.

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Get a single source of truth. Make the most of your ad spend or inventory.

For advertisers

Maximise ad spend ROI. Measure and evaluate your advertising across media, channels and platforms and make more informed decisions.

For agencies

Strengthen your role as a trusted advisor by maximising your client’s ad spend ROI across media, channels and platforms.

For publishers

Stand out in a crowded space. Discover hidden audience insights and show advertisers the true effect of advertising across your media.