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Measure video ad effects. Increase inventory value.

Run brand lift surveys in your own video player and measure the real effects of video ads. Show advertisers that the money they spend on your inventory has an actual impact on awareness and behaviour throughout the customer journey.

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Metrics like brand awareness and consideration play a crucial role in any customer journey when it comes to conversion and retention. Brand lift studies come with essential brand lift metrics built-in and make it easy to measure the ones relevant to your advertisers’ specific campaign goals.

The metrics
How it looks and works

Easy to set up. Nice to look at.

Brand lift studies work by comparing survey answers from people who did and did not see a specific video ad. The survey runs in your own video player and provides a nice user experience. Learn how simple it is to set up a video study below or see an example survey.

The first step of measuring the effect of an upcoming campaign is to create a video study in AudienceReport. You then start by building your survey, where you can quickly select built-in brand lift questions relevant for the advertiser’s specific campaign, and add additional questions if needed.

While adding questions, you can preview how the survey will look within your video player. Once satisfied, the next step is to implement everything by adding some code to the measured video campaign and your video player. The process is simple and we’ll guide you through it.

You’re now ready to start the campaign and survey. We’ll automatically interview an equal number of people who did and did not see the campaign (exposed and non-exposed). You can freely choose whether the survey gets shown to people pre, mid, or post-roll.

The survey results can be viewed continuously in an easy-to-understand report, giving you an excellent overview of the measured effects. You can also get a detailed comparison of the exposed and non-exposed groups’ responses and export results to a CSV file.

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Brand lift video survey example

Run brand lift surveys in your own video player and measure the real effects of video ads. Try out the example survey below.