Be ready for a cookieless future

Next-generation, cookieless audience measurement

AudienceProject is a new kind of audience measurement platform built from the ground up by people equally passionate about market research and bleeding-edge technology. See how we make cross-media measurement cookieless, reliable and privacy-safe.

Audiences consume content in an increasingly fragmented fashion across multiple devices and channels. The growing lack of independent, continuous and standardised measurement along with the imposing 3rd party cookie death makes it increasingly difficult for advertisers to determine how and where their advertising budgets are spent most effectively.

Our solution

An inside look at AudienceProject’s approach to solving the cross-media measurement challenges

Our team consists of passionate market researchers and software engineers with 10+ years of experience within digital and analogue measurement and bleeding-edge technology. Our platform draws from that experience and intelligently combines the best of both worlds to enable industry-leading cross-media measurement.

Multiple inputs are collected

For every impression tracked, we collect more than just traditional device identifiers like cookies and domain specific user ID’s. Contextual content, direct integration data, geo-location, time, device, browser and other factors can also help us determine which type of person was exposed to an ad.

Best suited methodology is chosen

Depending on the information available (identifier or not), our platform automatically applies the methodology and technology best suited to provide an accurate profile for each impression, thus constituting a ‘best of both worlds’ solution.

Deep learning

At the heart of AudienceProject lies a 100% cloud-based neural network. Utilising advanced inferential statistics, graph technology and machine learning, it analyses 1+ billion impressions daily to make sense of all data collected.

Ground truth in panels

Large, representative panels support us in establishing ground truths at scale, which makes all the difference in delivering reliable, de-duplicated metrics across channels, formats and devices.

Continuous always-on integrations

Based on an API first infrastructure, our platform is easy to integrate with. Our integrations already include TV, social media platforms, publishers, broadcasters and ad servers/ad networks.

Certified measurement partner

We are a certified measurement partner for several platforms and power JIC measurement. We cooperate with both Broadcast JICs and walled gardens to ensure comparability and consistency across platforms.

Industry standards

We commit ourselves to the highest standards and are continuously audited by leading JICs and publishers.

Built-in privacy protection

Privacy protections are built into the very core of our audience measurement platform and provide technical rather than just contractual guarantees for its participants’ data, making for a safe and PII free measurement experience.

Compliant with privacy standards

Being a EU born company, we also have very high privacy standards and comply with GDPR, ePrivacy, CCPA etc. Learn more about our privacy initiatives here

The introduction of the WFA framework for cross-media measurement has highlighted the need for better audience measurement. We present a large-scale, cross-media audience measurement system already in full operation that has proven its worth over hundreds of cross-media ad campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world