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Berlingske Media and AudienceProject enter new cooperation

Press Release, October 3, 2017

Through a new cooperation with AudienceProject, Berlingske Media will now offer digital campaigns enriched with sociodemographic data to ensure better accuracy on the advertisers’ target groups

As one of the leading media groups in Denmark, Berlingske Media will now create better terms for advertising on their websites by ensuring advertisers better accuracy and thus greater ROI in the media buying. Through a cooperation with AudienceProject, Berlingske Media will offer digital campaigns enriched with data to ensure advertisers that they reach their target audiences to a far greater extent.

The key to this is most often found in the quality of the data used, which has been crucial for choosing AudienceProject as a partner:

“Our goal is to ensure that all digital advertisers are provided with the best, easiest and most secure access to the attractive audiences visiting Berlingske Media’s websites. To ensure the highest level of quality, we have chosen to cooperate with AudienceProject, who is unparalleled in data enrichment in Denmark”, says Christian Stavik, Digital Director at Berlingske Media.

For AudienceProject, the cooperation with Berlingske Media is seen as a recognition of the fact that data enriched campaigns is a crucial competitive parameter:

“Berlingske Media is one of the ambitious media groups that has long ago realized that advertisers and media agencies no longer buy impressions – they buy audiences. Today, digital data enrichment and transparency have become competitive parameters for Berlingske Media, and we are extremely proud that they have chosen AudienceProject as a strategic partner”, says Simon Kvist Gaulshøj, Global Publisher Director at AudienceProject.

As a part of the cooperation between Berlingske Media and AudienceProject, all media sellers at Berlingske Media Advertising Sales will – as the first in Denmark – get a data education held by AudienceProject, which will enable them to advise their customers optimally in the buying of audiences.

The data enriched digital campaigns will be available to Berlingske Media’s advertisers as of today.

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About Berlingske Media

Berlingske Media owns the major Danish news brands Berlingske, BT, Metroxpress and Weekendavisen as well as a number of digital activities and the national radio channel Radio24syv. Through quality journalism Berlingske Media inform the Danish public and contribute to the democratic debate.

About AudienceProject

AudienceProject has its roots in market research, technology and large scale data. It helps brands, agencies, publishers and e-commerce companies identify, target and validate audiences. The products range from audience planning, validation and targeting on socio-demographics as well as other variables.

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