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About the webinar

Gathering data about your website users is vital because it can bring you many insights. But these insights are pretty much useless if they are not actionable. By gathering and combining different types of actionable insights, Nordisk Film (Dansk Filmskat) improved its website and marketing strategy significantly.

With UserReport, it is possible to collect data about your users’ sociodemographics and combine it with your users’ feedback. This gives you the opportunity to get a real understanding of who your users are and what they like – or would like to see on your website.

In this webinar, Nordisk Film will present a real-world example of how the insights collected with UserReport are actionable and how they can be used to create concrete business value.

The webinar is free to attend for anyone interested and will last approximately 45 minutes. The webinar will be helpful for anyone who wants to learn how to leverage users’ insights to improve their website and business and finally remove the guesswork when trying to understand their users.


Letizia Zappa

Works with Marketing and Client Service @ AudienceProject and is the host of this webinar

Maren Mæland

Works as a Product Manager @ Dansk Filmskat, Nordisk Film

Amalie Schøning

Works as a Customer Success Manager @ AudienceProject


About the creators

Dansk Filmskat is a subscription-based streaming service by Nordisk Film. Born in 2015, Dansk Filmskat hosts a wide selection of Danish films from all decades, available on TV, tablet, smartphone and desktop. The streaming platform is based on a rotation system, this means that every week new movies are added to all genres. Learn more

AudienceProject is a technology-based market research company founded in Denmark and operational worldwide that helps publishers, agencies and advertisers identify, build, reach and measure audiences. Learn more

UserReport is a part of AudienceProject’s product portfolio which helps you identify your audience and collect feedback from users on your website. With our online survey tool, you can ask your users anything and get the audience insights relevant to you. Learn more

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