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About the webinar

Optimizing your website to the maximum effort demands other data than just website metrics. For Boxer, Less Friction used real user data like age and gender to analyze and then optimize the conversion rate and general performance of the traffic.

With the new, upgraded integration between UserReport and Google Analytics, it is possible to collect your own data through UserReport and mix it with data from Google Analytics to give you the opportunity to get a real understanding of who your users are and what they are doing on your website.

In this webinar, AudienceProject will tell you how to use UserReport data in combination with Google Analytics data and Less Friction will present a real world example of the benefits of this integration.

The webinar is free to attend for anyone interested and will last for approximately 45 minutes. The webinar will be helpful for anyone who wants to remove the guesswork when trying to understanding their users and what they are doing at their website! We hope to see you there!


Simon Kvist Gaulshøj

Former Global Publishing Director @ AudienceProject and host of this webinar

Alexander Vidmark

CEO @ Less Friction


About the creators

Less Friction is a conversion agency that helps companies, large and small, to develop and optimise their digital sales and marketing channels. By improving internal analytical processes and the way to communicate on the web, it helps to convert more visitors into potential customers. The services follow a successful four-step process: measure, analyse, test and optimise.

AudienceProject is rooted in market research, technology and large scale data. It helps brands, agencies, publishers and e-commerce companies identify, target and validate audiences. The products range from audience planning, validation and targeting on socio demographics as well as other variables. Learn more

UserReport is a part of AudienceProject’s product portfolio consisting of two different tools – a Survey and a Feedback Forum. Together, they enable clients to collect knowledge about their website audience. The Survey is fully customizable, available in 60+ languages and can be used for measuring website usability and gathering visitor demographics. The Feedback Forum lets you gather ideas and feedback directly from your visitors. Learn more

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The webinar is all done, but worry not, you can watch the replay here