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About the webinar

First-party data is more relevant than ever, and it is something that all publishers have the potential to provide. So, how can publishers differentiate themselves from the others, through their unique audience potential?

Slight spoiler alert: we will explore how a sound strategy harnessing the ability to build custom-made, client-specific segments plays a significant role in the road to success.

This webinar will focus on innovative strategies that allow publishers to offer true value to their clients by leveraging special interest content.

Join Matthew and Tom in their conversation about the state of the industry and discover the opportunities publishers have in this singular moment.

The webinar is free to attend for anyone interested and will last approximately 30 minutes. The webinar will be relevant for publishers who want to learn how to get a bigger share of advertisers’ spend by delivering reach within their clients’ desired audiences, and for the buy-side who wish to harness more impact from their publisher partners’ audiences and content.


Tom Page

Publisher Development Director, UK @ AudienceProject

Matthew Rance

Commercial Audience Manager @ Immediate Media


About the creators

Immediate Media is a UK based special interest content and platform company. They only focus on special interest markets, engaging over 26 million passionate consumers each month, offering them world-class content and innovative new products and services. Learn more

AudienceProject is a technology-based market research company founded in Denmark and operational worldwide that helps publishers, agencies and advertisers identify, build, reach and measure audiences. Learn more

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