The Immeasurable Business Value of Audience Measurement

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About the webinar

In the shadow of COVID-19, many advertisers are wondering how they are doing. Is the brand okay? Who thinks what? Which audiences are active? What should we do?

Following the financial crisis, many advertisers switched from looking at marketing effectiveness to marketing efficiency. Cost savings, automation and immediacy in measured results based on short-term metrics from CRM systems, on-site actions and media platform reports have been prioritised. In contrast, audience measurement and brand tracking have been downgraded.

But we need to get back to the long game and measure more, not less. We should focus on whether we are reaching the right audience with ads that are seen and “processed”, what they think about the ads and how are they reacting to them.

The webinar is free to attend for anyone interested and will last approximately 30 minutes. The webinar will be relevant for anyone who wants an insightful perspective on audience measurement and brand tracking.


Martyn Bentley

Commercial Director, UK @ AudienceProject

Peter Loell

Director @ Hearts & Science


About the creators

Hearts & Science is a marketing agency that helps brands build relationships at scale using sophisticated data platforms that reach the right consumers with the right message at the right time. Learn more

AudienceProject is a technology-based market research company founded in Denmark and operational worldwide that helps publishers, agencies and advertisers identify, build, reach and measure audiences. Learn more

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