See the bigger picture this November

The next generation of cross-media audience measurement is coming

This November, we’re launching the next generation of our measurement tool AudienceReport. With a unified, holistic dashboard, advertisers and agencies can finally compare ad performance across channels to see which ones reach and engage their target audience most effectively.

Get a demo of the new AudienceReport when it launches 👉 Get a demo of the new AudienceReport when it launches 👉

Audiences consume content in an increasingly fragmented fashion across multiple devices and channels. The growing lack of independent, continuous and standardised measurement along with the imposing third-party cookie death makes it increasingly difficult for advertisers and agencies to determine how and where their advertising budgets are spent most effectively.

What is AudienceReport

See the bigger picture and know where to optimise with a single source of truth

AudienceReport gathers your campaign activity from different channels into one holistic view – allowing you to see how everything adds up and compares in terms of reaching and engaging your target audience. This makes it easier to allocate your ad budget for maximum ROI.

Return on ad spend
Holistic view of campaign performance

Compare apples to apples. Know who actually sees your ads and understand audience reach, frequency and composition across display, social media, video, CTV and linear TV.

De-duplicated reach and frequency

Avoid exhausting your audience by over-targeting them. Know how many actually saw your campaign and how often with de-duplicated reach and frequency across channels, formats and devices.

Cookieless and privacy-safe

The new AudienceReport is future-ready, cookieless and based on reliable methodologies and bleeding-edge technology. With privacy measures built into its core, you can measure with ease of mind even after the imposing cookie death.

Automated tag-less tracking

AudienceReport measures your existing campaigns automatically via always-on integrations to walled gardens and ad servers while still supporting manual tag-based tracking, allowing measurement to be done at a marginal cost.

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AudienceReport is a key part of the AudienceProject platform that also comes with our Cross Media Reports as well as Brand- and Sales Lift studies, allowing you to analyse the entire marketing funnel, by evaluating cost-effectiveness and campaign outcomes across different channels. Learn more about the AudienceProject platform below.