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AudienceProject helps you get more value from your advertising spend and grow your brand by identifying your key consumers and reaching them at the right place, for the right price, helping you drive even more success from your marketing and brand strategy.

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Current market trends show that advertisers are increasingly in-housing their media buying to get greater control and transparency of their digital advertising. Advertisers want to make sure they are reaching the right audiences through the most effective channels so they can drive even more success from their marketing and brand strategy. In short, advertisers want to reach the right people, at the right place, for the right price. And that’s where we come in. Keep scrolling.

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Through four steps, advertisers can cope with the trends in the media industry and get better value from – and greater control of – their digital advertising. It’s a proven framework, guaranteed to help you drive even more success from your marketing and brand strategy – and continuously increase your return on investment and grow your business.

You marketing & brand strategy


Measure and optimise campaign performance


Identify key consumers through research


Reach unique audiences with the right message


Build unique audiences
for targeting

Your creative message

Before reaching the right audiences, you need to know who they are. Our survey tool UserReport makes it easy to collect data about your users and identify which of them are most valuable. With the survey tool, you can ask your users anything and collect the audience insights relevant to you.

When having identified your key consumers and collected your audience insights, you need to build targetable audiences for activation in your online media buying. Our self-service platform AudienceHub makes it easy to build exactly the audience you want based on the data you have collected.

When having built your unique audiences, you can activate the audiences in your media buying. This way, you can reach the right people with the right message across all platforms and optimise your future marketing activities. Besides reaching your own unique audiences, you can choose to use our predefined targeting segments.

When your campaigns are running, you can measure how well they are performing. Our audience measurement tool AudienceReport gives you insights into which media, channels and data partners are most effective at reaching your target group, allowing you to continuously optimise your campaign performance. Additionally, our brand lift study EngagementReport gives you insights into how big of a lift your campaigns have generated, allowing you to document the actual effect of your campaigns.

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