Who we are
AudienceProject is a unique company playing at the intersection of technology, market research and big data. Our capabilities position us firmly at the core of the digital ad and e-commerce industry, with a cutting edge offering to brands, agencies and publishers.
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Our story

How it all began

In 2010, a group of experienced market researchers from the leading Nordic agency Epinion became really frustrated by the state of market research in the digital field at traditional research companies.

A fundamental reconsideration of what it takes to deliver value-adding research in the digital age was required. A new company was established and key software engineering resources were added to the team. The combination of skilled market researchers and big data software engineers made possible a series of game-changing products which brought our company to the forefront of the market.

Shortly after the inception of the company, the first version of our free site intelligence tool UserReport was established. Now, the UserReport product suite is in operation on more than 18.000 sites across 80 different countries in every continent of the world.

In 2012, after successfully launching major research and audience panels in the Nordics, we released our campaign audience measurement system AudienceReport, and our panel based brand lift product site EngagementReport. Today, we are the market leader in campaign audience measurement as well as brand lifts surveys across the Nordics, with more than 1 million campaigns tracked currently.

In 2014, we launched AudienceData, enabling our partners to utilize fully the planning and targeting potential of our huge panels and data pool. Today, we help publishers and advertisers across the Nordics to improve the planning and execution of hundreds of campaigns.

In 2015, amidst existing new releases such as cross-device targeting and measurement and WebTV-TV integration of measurements, the company was rebranded as AudienceProject, in order to bring focus toward our mission of helping our partners to better identify, execute and validate their campaigns against their preferred audiences.

In 2016, to deal with the lack of transparency in the ecosystem, we presented the methodology behind our data collection and what effect advertisers can expect when using our data. The same year, AudienceReport won Digiday’s award for Best Audience Measurement Platform for bringing efficiency, effectiveness and creativity to media and marketing processes.

In 2017, after having established ourselves as the data targeting and audience measurement industry leader in the Nordics, we opened offices and expanded our premium services to the UK and German markets. Also, we introduced our premium version of UserReport helping publishers document their audience across media and sections.

How we act and collaborate

Our core values are pretty simple, but very important. We’ve written them down so we’ll never forget them, and so that you understand how important you are to us.

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    Be Trustworthy

    Through transparency, openness and impartiality, we live by the philosophy that being friendly and cooperative builds the strongest relationships.
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    Be Dedicated

    Our passion and dedication is deeply rooted in a commitment to delivering excellence in everything we do.
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    Be Cutting Edge

    An innovative mindset is essential in order to maintain our status as a game changer in technology, market research and big data.
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    Be Fearless

    As bold entrepreneurs, we maintain a contender attitude.
Our core purpose

Through technology and data at scale, we move our partners from passive validation to active audience optimization.

Our dreams and ideas

We believe that all media will be digital, and that all media will be bought based on data as specific audiences.