What we do for clients:

We offer a variety of products all designed to make the complex world of online audiences simpler. Depending on what type of client you are, our offerings contribute in many different ways and answer a variety of questions.
For Publishers
For Agencies
For Brands
For E-commerce

The products we build:

Our products aim is to gather a complex world into simple yet sophisticated interfaces and reports to ensure that you get the full overview and all the in depth insights you could possibly need.

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AudienceReport is a powerful audience measurement tool, that helps you plan and optimize campaigns in real time so you can reach the intended audience and reduce media spend. Based on 1+ mio online panelists – carefully weighed to match the online population – you can get a socio-demographic profile for even small campaigns. The system also enables you to export customized reports in Excel, PowerPoint and PDF, giving you visual and thorough ready-to-use presentation material.
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EngagementReport uses knowledge gathered in AudienceReport to set up in-depth studies about exactly that – the effects of your campaign. In close collaboration with our research team, the study is set up to meet your needs and the highest standards. EngagementReport gives you detailed information about brand awareness, brand lifts and ad recall.
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Let real people revolutionise your audience targeting! AudienceData is putting an end to bland and generic campaign targeting. Our segments are based on real people – and the many differences defining real people. With a proprietary tech stack and reliance on our own data ecosystem we’re able to provide both high performance and transparency. View available segments and learn more at audiencedata.com
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UserReport is at the core of our ecosystem, and consists of two different tools – a Survey and a Feedback Forum. Together, they enable you to collect knowledge about your website audience. The Survey is fully customizable, available in 60+ languages and can be used for measuring website usability and gathering visitor demographics. The Feedback Forum lets you gather ideas and feedback directly from your visitors.
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