For Agencies

What we do for agencies:

As an agency you can document the performance of your campaigns and improve your budget spend by using AudienceReport. If you really want to shine, use our targeting services as well to make sure you reach the right audience! Finally, you can add an extra dimension by teaming up with our researchers and show the effects of the campaign based on various parameters.

We help you create and document ROI on media investments

  1. By understanding and exploring the digital footprint of campaigns using the most advanced digital market research tools available today.
  2. By validating and optimizing the digital ad spend.
  3. By understanding how TV interacts with digital and how to optimize your budget between the two.
  4. By using inflight tracking and documentation of campaign effect using state of the art audience measurement tools and panels.
  5. By helping to build maximum effect audiences for your clients.
  6. By applying your agency’s proprietary data with AudienceProject to build reach.
Agencies we work with